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About Montague & Company

Montague & Company have pleasure in introducing you to one of the most comprehensive independent Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist parts companies in the world. Montague & Company is a soundly established Rolls-Royce & Bentley specialist company, built around the long-term experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of its Directors.

If there is anything that you need but can't find on our site just ask, we have probably got it or will know where to find it.

Phil Montague ("Monty")
Monty has 33 years experience of the Marques. He leads the Montague and Co team of engineering, technical and craft expertise. The team in combination have a broad knowledge base which comprehensively covers both pre-war and post war Motor Cars, up to and including the current Rolls-Royce and Bentley product range.
During a career commencing in the mid 70's as an apprentice with Rolls-Royce Motors Limited at Hythe Road. Phil received factory training on all aspects of servicing, fault diagnosis and building of the "Standard" models of the day and of course, the in-house "Coachbuilt" models such as the Corniche, Carmargue and Phantom VI which were built at Hythe Road during the period.
Once Hythe Road was closed by Rolls-Royce, Phil continued to work for the company at their London Service Facility at School Road until 1983.
When further cut-backs were made by Rolls Royce at School Road, Phil moved on to the Main Dealer network where he was employed in increasingly senior roles until 1999.
During the last year of the millennium Monty was finally persuaded away from the largest main Rolls-Royce and Bentley dealership in the world jointly by his own ambition to independently work within the Rolls-Royce enthusiasts community and by his long-term friend and Co-Director Ian Williams.

Ian Williams
In complete contrast to the Pedigree demonstrated above, Ian's connection with the Best Cars in the World commenced with the URGENT NEED to own one! This need was destined to be satisfied (initially at least) by a 1975 Silver Shadow. This caused quite a stir at the time within Ian's family, friends and colleagues who had previously deemed his "Dream" (Ego trip) to be an impossible one.
Once Ian had proved them wrong, all were comforted by the knowledge that the achievement would be short lived as his extravagance would obviously prove too expensive for him to run and maintain.
30 years on having owned in many Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars, Ian has proved conclusively that this need not be the case. His collection has contained the whole range from pre-war examples including a fantastic early Phantom III Sedanca De-Ville by Barker (3AZ24), 50's coachbuilt Silver Wraiths, the classic Continentals and Clouds of the 60's, popular 70's Shadows, superb 80's and 90's Spirits and Spurs together with many later Bentley Cars including a 2 door Hooper Turbo R, a superb special Turbo RL and a fantastic Arnage R and the awesome Arnage T.
Throughout the years of building his collection Ian has learned all about what it takes to own and run these Motor Cars often through his mistakes and always without the aid of an open cheque book. This knowledge can now be passed on through Montague and Company to all fellow Rolls-Royce and Bentley enthusiasts.
The fascination for the cars themselves and the bringing together of the right expertise, facilities and equipment to care for them has been a hobby for more than HALF a lifetime, but this really is just HALF of the story.
As you refer to the various sections of the website you will observe that we are not just talking about a minor ailment but a very serious affliction, Ian's collecting habits have extended to literally every aspect of the Rolls-Royce and Bentley world. Parts, toys, books, manuals, handbooks, sales literature, prints, paintings, mascots, first day-issue postage stamps etc, etc, etc, have been collected from all over the globe.
Montague and Company's customers can rely on finding someone who will understand what their needs are from an "Owners" perspective whether it be sourcing a used part at a fraction of the new cost or finding the correct literature for the car that they own or perhaps would like to own one day.

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